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Donate and Sponsor a Doctor's Travel


How the money will be used

In addition to web-conferencing, Med in Africa events are hosted physically (in Nairobi, London, Paris or Boston - for example). You can give Doctors and Student Doctors the opportunity to participate on-site, including those who would normally not afford it.

Currently it is specially difficult for Doctors working in African Public Hospitals to participate to world-class events, due to the cost of travel. Together, we can change that.

91% or more of the funds will be used to subsidize train, airline tickets (economy class) or accommodation for Doctors. 9% or less of the funds are used for administration (accounting, electronic payment collection, fundraising, ...) Your donations are accounted separately into a non-profit account. In 2018, we plan to setup a foundation (or select an existing foundation) to operate the scheme.

Are you interested to see who's traveling and where? Check out the hashtag #MedInAfricaThanksYou.

Still hesitant to give?

Are you hesitant to give? Don't give for now. Join us instead on the social media, follow our activities and events, meet our team. Come back and donate once you feel that together, we can make a difference.

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